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Alpha and beta calculations using rasters for taxonomic (TD), functional (FD), and phylogenetic (PD) dimensions. Spatial and temporal beta diversity can be partitioned into replacement and richness difference components. Functions to calculate standardized effect size for functional and phylogenetic alpha diversity and the average traits are available.


The CRAN version of divraster can be installed using:


The development version of divraster can be installed from Github using:


divraster basics

Basic information about divraster can be found at the package’s webpage or in the vignette:



  • If you use this R package, please cite in your publications:

Mota FMM, Alves-Ferreira G, Talora DC, Heming NM (2023). divraster: an R package to calculate taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic diversity from rasters. – Ecography, e06905.

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